Smile, Its Contagious :)
Smile, Its Contagious :)

I am

Fill my bed with laughter
and sin. Allow the new light to break,
shatter and steal. Pollute my mind
with perverse rights and wrongs.

I am your brother, father, your lover and friend.

Dark brown eyes pierce my skin,
Dodging the air to slash my body
with whips soaked in disdained oils.
Welts of misinterpretation drip
and mix with my blood.

I am your sister, mother, your lover and friend.

Control and confine my insecurities,
Keep the secrets that led me to you, within
the realm of our trust.

Deny not what is real
Defy not what you feel

I will persevere!

We are each other, we are lovers,
We are enemies, we are friends.

~Blue Dymond~