Smile, Its Contagious :)
Smile, Its Contagious :)

Time so Ignorant

Time so Ignorant


Lil’ miss independent

She’s ready for school

and skips to a tune as she

walks that florescent day mile.


She is late, or early,

or maybe right on time.

Hopscotch on the playground,

a spelling quiz, double-dutch

and arithmetic.


School bells ring and

she skips to a tune as she

walks that mile back home.


Keys in hand, she opens the door.

Her toddler sister welcomes her

arms spread like an eagle, toddler

soars.  They embrace and toddler

smiles knowing she’ll be an older

sister soon too.


A moment of firsts she wishes

to share Lil’ miss speaks,

“Mommy I’m home”

But the bangles do not jingle.


She tries again. This time she is

louder, this time happier as she travels

to where she knows her mother will be.


But this time,


She does not see her mother

sitting on the bed.

She sees her mother

lying on the floor.


Contents from the night stand

on the rug, a phone off its hook

no longer buzzing, pages from a book

paper scattered, a lamp on its side

bulb shattered.





A reddish blue knot shines

on mother’s forehead.


She drops toddler, or

sets her down. Attempts

shakes to wake but mother

is stubborn, mother is still,

mother is suspended.


Lil’ miss hangs up phone

and picks it up again, she dials

the last of single digits once

the first of single digits twice


Strangers invade the house

and take mother away.

Toddler is somewhere,

Lil’ miss nowhere.


In the distance a phone is ringing.

Someone calls “come down stairs”

With a blink, she is standing in a kitchen,

or a hallway, or a living room.

A man’s voice tells her.

She screams—


It pierces through her hollow body.

Great force splits the scream, like

daggers it slashes everything it touches.


Time so ignorant, continues

10, 15, 20 Lil’ miss is grown but

she has been since


that spring day in May, a day

one week after Mother’s Day,

four days after her 11th birthday,

and one day after her father’s birthday.

That fatal fucked up day, Lil’ miss was motherless.

~S.M. Parrish~