Smile, Its Contagious :)
Smile, Its Contagious :)

Why does he lie about other women

As I grow mature and evolve into my true self I have gain somewhat of a reputation among friends and family for being what is nowaadays called 100% or real. When I was growing up its was called being a man but the difference between the two is an article in itself so we’ll get to that some other time. Now keeping it real or being 100 has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that your peers start to ask for your valued opinion when they need honesty and truth while faced with life challenges and deception. One of the disadvantages is that I tend to hurt a lot of Peoples feelings. Now honesty is what everyone says they want but no one wants the pain that comes with honesty. PAIN! yes  pain the truth hurts all of us. always has always will yet still woman tell me that they want the males in their lives to tell the them the truth. What most woman don’t understand is that it’s impossible for most males to keep it real with them, because most males can’t keep it real with themselves. Yes I said it. Most males can’t keep it real with themselves about who they are , what they are,  how they feel or what they truly want. Very few males have come to grips with who and what they are and even fewer are honest with woman about it. To those that are 100 with themselves and their partners thank you and congratulations  on your transformation into manhood but this piece isn’t about you. This piece is about all those males who refuse to sit down first with themselves then with the woman they want to be with and say hey I’m a man but I’m also an animal. I was born an animal a mammal to be exact. I have hair,  mammary glands, a 4 chambered heart and natural instincts just like all other mammals on this planet and I have accepted that about myself.  So the next time a very attractive woman walks by shaking her ass like a female baboon on the prowl know that I cant help but look, whistle, flirt and sometimes make fool of myself. just like my friend and fellow mammal the male mandarin duck. Who by they way has seemingly masted the art of cat calling with its display of drinking , barking , while shaking and whistling all to get the female just for the night.. ( If you don’t live near any wildlife you can probably  see the same behavior at the local bar)  lol

There are approximately 4600 mammals in which only 3 to 5% mate for life but the human male in this country is often viewed with disgust by woman for being dominate and aggressive although these are some of his natural instincts and qualities. sharing the same deep-rooted desire to be dominant  and have a harem of woman like other mammals such as lions, wolves, elephant seals, gorillas and deer have feels natural to you because that’s how you were made. Please note  that the higher your testosterone level is the greater your desire to be dominant, have sex and  kick Peoples asses will be ( God & Sciences design not mine). So accept what you are not just as a human but as an animal that’s a mammal. Then come to terms with your inner deer, gorilla, wolf or raging bull because being 100 starts with being real with yourself. Time to stop being a male and start being a man. Time to keep it real with yourself and the woman you say you love but keep lying to. She’s looking for truth and honesty from a man. So the next time she comes to me crying needing a hug asking why you keep having sex with other woman and can’t be 100?  rest assured that I’ll still be the MAN I am, keep it real and tell her because he can’t keep it real with himself  baby.

Then the raging bull in me will fuck the rabbit out of her.  EXCUSE MY FRENCH!!!!

Monsieur  Slick Tong