Smile, Its Contagious :)
Smile, Its Contagious :)

About Me

Posts on may or may not be true and not meant to be taken as Fact or Fake. It’s what you make it!

Hey there, fellow earth life adventurers! You can call me Spiggie, and if you love roller skating, crave new adventures, and like to travel. Are you a human figuring out how to be alive? Me too!
This blog serves as my outlet and a testament to the beauty found in embracing life exactly as it comes – unfiltered, unapologetic, and uniquely yours. A place where thoughts find space, emotions find expression, and experiences applique their rightful place in the quilt of my existence. I aim to capture moments reflecting the multiple personalities of my identity. A collection of thoughts, dreams, vulnerabilities, observations, and grace.
As I roll through this realm, I make no promises of perfection, for this is not a curated facade but an opportunity to witness the genius, I mean the genuine, unscripted narrative of how I navigate the complexities of life. Every day is a step toward comprehending this ever-evolving self.
May this space be a source of reflection, inspiration, and a reminder that you’re not alone on your own expedition.
Stay tuned for tales from the hood, road, the sky, and the rink! Until next time, keep rolling, keep flying, keep dreaming, and keep smiling. My People!
With gratitude and anticipation,

Smile! It’s Contagious