Smile, Its Contagious :)
Smile, Its Contagious :)

His Pleasure

His Pleasure

He stares at the beauty that lies before him

and take notes: A golden brown complexion,

the silhouette in the shade, a sensational aroma

traveling through the air.

Suffering inside as evidence of losing the battle is seen.

One last attempt to ignore temptation has failed.

He surrenders. Allowing his lips to touch the warm

inviting surface, placing tiny kisses near the outer layers.

His flickering tongue covering every inch, as it parts the

surface and navigates its way to the creamy middle

of pure victory. He savors each swallow followed by

moans of delight.

The act, over in a matter of minutes, he sits back and feels no remorse.

Has he committed a sin?

Now in utter bliss, he muses over the question. Why

deprive himself from experiencing such pleasure


A gust of wind blows by him, bringing the last of the lingering aroma

and his eyes travel to the dining room table. He smiles, reminiscing

of what took place and his eyes fall upon the empty pan

where the Lemon Meringue Pie had been.

~Blue Dymond~